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Price List - Singles
Each Individual Pair of Heelio Dealio's comes in a small, white box that fits perfectly 
in your purse for convienence.

Qauntity                 Price
6 Pairs --------------  35.00

​For more quantities of Individual Boxed Pairs Call 250.870.8714 or use the Contact Form

Price List - Box Sets
Box Sets are great for your wedding guests, corporate events and any large out door event.

Quantity                                 Price
1 Box of 12 Pairs --------------- 54.00
1 Box of 24 Pairs --------------- 84.00
1 Box of 48 Pairs --------------- 168.00
2 Boxes of 48 Pairs ------------ 300.00


**For Wholesale Ordering Please Call  250.870.8714 or use the Contact Us Form

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Heelio Dealios ® , West Kelowna, British Columbia  - Available World Wide

6 Pairs
1 Box of 12 or 24 Pairs
1 Box or 2 Boxes of 48 Pairs